6GHz Portable Vector Network Analyzer shortend to PNA6 is all of my knowledge coming together in a single place. This project constitute of a precise RF design, mechanical considerations, hardware design and balance of cost and performance. We believe by lowering the cost once more in VNA history we could help more student, engineer and university lab affort to buy to this marvelous device

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Telemetry 1.7GHz

Telemetry 1.7 was my first project in RF field. I cannot say the project was a complete success but it at least helped me to become truly mastered in Agilent Advance Design System (ADS).

During the development of this project I met experienced RF engineer, work with Linear IQ mixer modules and some high-end Rohde & Schwarz instrument which bring me nothing but affection toward how amazing microwave industry are. I owe all PNA6 good design to what I was learning during this project..