A glimpse into past

Early Age

I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Land of dial-up internet and slow connections:). Despite that, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Pentum PC in age of 5 and be facinated by this outlandish machines. On age of 10, I start writing my very first "Hello World" program, I feeled a graceful joy at first, but 4 years later my impetuous passion settled down and I look for something more amazing and thats when I started to admire electronic boards and computer hardwares.

Making an irrevocable choise, I decided to study electrical engineering for the college, and before taking too long, I met my first companion, not a person but a book named "Make Electronic" which was full of fancy projects. I built each projects, they aren't hard to do yet the outcome was a blast. And guess what, I decided to take one step further and build a tiny lab in my room. The journey was quite long so I created this little timeline to wrap it up for you.









Study "Make Electronic" book, buy my very first components and learn about them


try to save money and buy necessary tools like multimeter, power supply and an old osciloscope


Study the sequel of Make series, "Make AVR programming" book, and programming ancient AVR microcontroller


learn about BJT, Mosfet and other more advanced topic in electronic world. Razavi book was my inspiaration back then

Fields and Waves

Founding Electromagnetic as my favourite cource in last semester, I took field & waves to learn more about this intresting subject


WeitWay was a workshop to learn DiscoF4 board and ARM perpherals not so sucessful in the end but at least I was get confidence to develop with ARM microcontroller too.

Stumbling into RF Universe

PNA6 Storyline

After that impression I crave for a project in this area, and finally I found one. I met one of our great RF professor in the departmant and talk with him about if I could work with him for my final bacholor project. We settled on project entitle "implementing a miniturized VNA", a truly expensive device for measuring all microwave cool stuff. The project was overhelming at first, but thanks to my dream to become a microwave engineer, I worked day and night on it and now after two years of hard work, PNA6 PCB is ready to be baked. Unforunately it isn't ready to be release yet but you can see how it will be look like by visitting the PNA6 page.